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To facilitate Member Organizations (MOs) to effectively participate in influencing poverty reduction and governance policies and decisions at all levels the following approaches will be used:

  1. Research and Advocacy AWEPON- Evidence based advocacy has been of critical use in strengthening the voices of African women.  Studies are conducted in key economic policy areas with the strategic objectives of assessing impact and potential implications of key policies on women’s rights and the fight for economic justice.

  2. Capacity building and economic literacy- Economic has often been seen and regarded as a technical issue as well as a domain for men to study.  The traditional Economic policy analysis also ignores gender and women’s concerns as central in formulation of economic policies.  AWEPON conducts training for young women and women’s organisations as a way of enhancing their policy analysis and advocacy skills.

  3. Working with coalitions and alliances – As a means for social transformation, the women’s movement requires a critical mass of civil society organisations as well as civil movements to have a common voice.  AWEPON contributes to this by building both regional and international alliances with grass roots women’s organisations so as to have a strong voice to challenge economic injustice at all levels.  The role of the church and the ecumenical movements as well as the interfaith interactions provides a good foundation to civil movements and strategic alliances needed for social transformation. As a faith based organisation AWEPON takes a lead role in organising and strengthening these alliances.

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