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Training women in Business skills, economic literacy and sociao transformation in Lesotho         
The above workshops were run concurrently in different areas. In social transformation, Lewepon believed that women had to do things differently and more efficiently so that they could have time to attend to improving themselves as people.

The first workshop was conducted at Naleli, Maseru for representatives of Matelile, Kolonyama, Berea and Maseru women’s gropus, and some staff of the Ministry of Gender, Sports, Youth and Recreation.

The second and third workshops were at Emmanuel Hostel Hall, where women were taught about care, maintenance of pigs and canning pork meat. This was overwhelmingly successful since representatives of all our groups turned up in multitudes.

The economic literacy component covered marketing, national budgets, and how they could be  monitored, transnational corporations and globalization. Women were also exposed to local government plans, how they could contribute and how they could monitor government spending.

Training women Business skills, Technology, market access and socio transformation in in Cameroon
Over 120 women were trained in Cameroon in Business skills, Socio transformation, market access and women and technology.
The women acquired more skills that they would use to promote their businesses. They requested for more training in future.

Regional Training workshop for women Entrepreneurs in Business in Arusha Tanzania
African Women Economic Policy Network (AWEPON) organized a three days Regional training workshop for women entrepreneurs. The workshop which took place from 14th to 16th November 2010 at City link Hotel Arusha – Tanzania, attracted 45 participants who came from 5 WEEP project implementing countries of Uganda, Kenya, Lesotho, Cameroon and Tanzania. All

participants were engaged in Small and medium Enterprises.By the end of the workshop, the women entrepreneurs had acquired skills in Entrepreneurship, Business management, Market Access in a Competitive Environment, Book Keeping, Costing and Pricing among others.

The major objective of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of 40 women entrepreneurs engaged in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to effectively and competitively engage in Business and compete in the dynamic local regional and international markets.

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