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AWEPON is an executive member of The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), which is a continental coalition of Civil Society organization from diverse backgrounds in Africa that ensures continental visibility in Climate change   dialogues processes at international level.

Since 2009, AWEPON has been organizing Climate Change Tribunals aimed at contributing to debates and dialogues of the COPs at different levels, using documentaries and voices of the marginalized people especially the women, youth and People with Disabilities.

Basing on the above background PACJA and AWEPON decided to collaborate as partners in promoting climate justice in Africa. The first step was to launch PACJA – Uganda Platform which is a consortium of over 30 NGOs and CBOs in order to create clout and increase the voices of the affected communities in climate advocacy debates and discourse nationally, regionally and internationally.

In November 2013, AWEPON with support from PACJA organized a Climate justice Dialogue as a forum to collect more voices / messages from the marginalized people and add them to those to be taken to COP 19 which took place in Warsaw Poland between 11th and 22nd November 2013.

After COP 19 activities, again AWEPON and PACJA organized a debriefing to the members in December 2013.

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