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AWEPON recognizes the fact that women's vulnerability to bad economic reforms and policy is increased by their inadequate access to and control of productive resources.

Even worse is that a woman's voice is not yet adequately captured and translated into the national and regional economic policy reforms. High on question is how much an African Woman has participated in economic policy development and implementation especially the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) between ACP and EU countries.

This project continues to highlight the likely implications of EPAs for women's rights and gender relations. It makes recommendations on how to include gender analysis more systematically in Sustainability Impact Assessments, and in trade negotiations in order to ensure that EPAs promote, and not undermine, gender equality.
So far, AWEPON has successfully developed campaign tools and forged partnership with likeminded CSOs, representatives of the governments (negotiating community), Partners from the Pan African movement and women's NGOs. Evidence based campaigns have been launched especially in four countries of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. More details can be found in the below linked reports.
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