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AWEPON supported by UN Women is implementing a six months project to access and utilize NAADS and NUSAF 2 Services / Funds as a way of increasing the economic empowerment of women and girls especially those who are most excluded.
The project is being implemented in Northern Uganda in districts of Lira and Gulu.

The key implemented activities under the UN Women project include;

a) Mapping exercise in Gulu and Lira.

This was aimed at assessing how women and girls in the two districts were accessing and utilizing services / funds offered by the two government programs. The mapping was specifically aimed at:

  • Officially introducing the project, to the district officials, women and girls, and other stakeholders in the districts.
  • Assessing women's levels of understanding about and how to access NAADS /NUSAF 2 Services and Funds.
  • Finding out to what extent the two government programs had contributed to the reduction of poverty and sustainable development among women and girls in the two districts.
  • Finding out challenges faced by women and girls in accessing NAADS and NUSAF 2 Services / Funds in the districts.
  • Assessing organizational capacity of identified women's groups in terms of institutional development and program management capacities

b) Capacity building training for women of Gulu and Lira.

A total of over 250 women from the two districts were trained with an objective of enhancing their capacity to access and utilize NAADS and NUSAF 2 Services / Funds. The capacity building trainings aimed at addressing the capacity needs identified during the mapping workshop included:

  • limited knowledge on the guiding principles of NAADS and NUSAF 2 Programs,
  • Gender issues that affect women's accessing NAADS and NUSAF 2 Programs.
  • Limited understanding of the requirements for Group registration at sub county and district level.
  • Most poor women cannot raise co – funding requirements in order to access NUSAF 2 Funds.

c) Debriefing meeting for leaders in Gulu

The main objective of the meeting was to update district leaders and other stakeholders about the progress of the project. The meeting was further intended to come up with possible solutions that can be used to address the challenges faced by women in accessing NAADS and NUSAF 2 Services and Funds.

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